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Laugh your way to life!

In all my years of teaching yoga and working with health education there is one thing that I felt needed to be tackled before eating well and exercising and that is … drum roll please…. STRESS! It’s not rocket science but it does take a certain level of awareness to recognize our state of stress. If you live and work in America then you probably have chronic stress and are most likely accustomed to it. Can you run your stress away? Perhaps. But when you finish your run the stress comes back. Can you eat your stress away? Hmm… aContinue Reading >>

Nutrition FAQs

Here are your top 5 nutrition FAQs answered: Submit your questions to to be featured in our our monthly FAQ. 1) For those who don’t eat animal products or dairy, do you recommend soy as a source of protein? What are the concerns? Ans: Soy is controversial, because there are many mixed studies linking it both to increased and decreased cancer rates. I play it safe and only recommend soy in unprocessed or fermented forms such as edamame, miso and tempeh. I tell my clients to steer clear of processed or concentrated forms of soy like soy milk and soyContinue Reading >>

Vegan. Vegetarian. Paleo.

‘Food is a drug, eat responsibly’. The end. Well, at least I wish it was that easy. The reality is it’s just the beginning. We are entering a time where we are now questioning the how’s, when’s, why’s, what’s about food. We are knee deep in a time where we are surrounded by food related disease manifested in the form of obesity, heart disease, ulcers, diabetes, IBS, celiac disease, and more. That food is a drug is more important now than ever. And it is our responsibility, as consumers to know how what we eat affects us. But what doesContinue Reading >>

Goal Setting

A few months ago I had written a post on Goal Setting after attending a seminar. The last 6 months I saw this philosophy in action. I have been talking about the bike ride a lot lately, as the experience slowly settles in. True story, if someone told me a year ago that I would accomplish a goal I set out to do 10 years ago, I’d shrug my shoulders and say ehh… maybe. Don’t get me wrong I am all about the challenge, but training for the “ride” made me realize how much the challenge was about me. CallContinue Reading >>

Eat before you’re hungry…. drink before you’re thirsty!

Short and sweet post before I head out for my ride down to LA. One of the biggest lessons I have learned over my last 5 months of training is this: eat before you are hungry, drink before you are thirsty. DUH! Yes, it seems like a no brainer but when life gets busy, training gets longer, and you get lazy, this simple rule gets pushed to the back burner. I alway stress to my clients and in my seminars to not let more than 5 hours pass between meals and snacks. We have all skipped meals here and thereContinue Reading >>

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