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9 September 2010
Comments: 1

Silent Killer: Cholesterol

9 September 2010, Comments: 1

We end our Silent killer serious with cholesterol. What is it? Where does it come from? What does it do? Having high cholesterol is all too common these days and when paired with high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar levels it can lead to trouble. It’s also become a common buzz word and marketing ploy to give foods a “good” and “bad” rep. Cholesterol plays a vital role in every cell’s membrane and in our blood plasma. Its jobs include insulating neurons, building and maintaining cellular walls, metabolizing fat soluble vitamins, producing bile, and acting as a catalyst forContinue Reading >>

7 September 2010
Comments: 2

Traveling and Paleo – an oxymoron?

7 September 2010, Comments: 2

(Me and the majestic Thai crossfitter) Hello Nutritionizers! I apologize for the disappearing act, I spent the last month in Thailand and Taiwan and was hoping to blog from there but internet was hard to find on the beach. I and my taste buds had a great time trying local foods, exploring the Asian culture, and staying as Paleo as possible from head to toe (the Vibrams were a success!) You may ask “WHY? You are on vacation, eat and be merry”. This was the common response I got from my fellow travelers as well. But nutrition is a lifestyleContinue Reading >>

6 August 2010
Comments: 3

Paleo beyond Food

6 August 2010, Comments: 3

Paleo seems to be the hottest buzz word these days. Not only are we digging into our ancestral recipe books for new food ideas but we are also going into their shoe boxes and to our surprise they are EMPTY. New research is contradicting the theory that more shoe support is better; instead they are presenting theories that our cavemen ancestors were a healthier bunch than our modern day man due in part to their simple lifestyles, clean wholesome foods, and lack of thick comfy shoes. Sans shoes actually make your feet stronger and maintains proper walking/running form. This wordContinue Reading >>

3 August 2010
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Silent Killer: Hypertension

3 August 2010, Comments: 2

  If you have ever gone to the doctor for a checkup or walked into a pharmacy you may have found your arm in a cuff experiencing a slow compression, release, and perhaps a blank look on your nurses face. I always wondered “what are they thinking? Good? Bad? What? TELL ME!” Blood pressure is a vital sign that is frequently and easily assessed, but what does it mean? When the internet age hit the technology forefront it revamped healthcare knowledge. We now have access to healthcare information at the tip of our fingers and understanding what our vitals meanContinue Reading >>

30 July 2010
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What are you hungry for?

30 July 2010, Comments: 0

I was chatting with a holistic psychologist at a health fair yesterday and we got to talking about Nutrition. It’s always interesting to hear other disciplines present their food findings. Food is an integral part of our beings and plays an enormous role in our culture and society. But what, how, when, and why we eat often gets confused with what, how, when, why we feel. Psychologists often see patients with various emotional issues that have manifested in attachments to specific foods. In reality one could be starving for appreciation and trying to satiate it with chicken curry and findContinue Reading >>

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