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15 August 2017
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Eat: Want to lose weight? Stop stressing…

15 August 2017, Comments: 0

    Have you ever found yourself exercising like a maniac and dialing in your nutrition only to see minimal results? Why does that happen? Isn’t diet and exercise the key to optimal fitness? Unfortunately it’s not that simple. There is one more major player in the fitness equation and that is your mental health aka stress level. Stress is gotten a lot of press lately and rightly so. In a day and age where there a million notifications, messages, likes, emojis, apps, and thoughts competing for attention it’s only a matter of time where you mental computer will haveContinue Reading >>

15 May 2016
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15 May 2016, Comments: 0

[I wrote this post back in 2012 and never published it. Stumbled upon it in my draft folder and thought I would put it out there. Years later and I’m still practicing this recipe for success] Every now and then I get caught up in work craziness, workout madness, or just good the good ol life roller coasters… now was one of those times. Although I had been eating well and getting in a bike ride, and a WOD on a daily basis there was something missing. I hadn’t taught a yoga class in 2 weeks and my usual 3Continue Reading >>

1 April 2013
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Upcoming Event: Spring On! Mindful Eating and Yoga Asana Workshop

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31 August 2012
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Guest Post: 5 Mindful Lessons from our Primal Roots

31 August 2012, Comments: 1

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Eric Hulse, CHHC. He talks about a subject near and dear to me, being mindful! Enjoy… In todays modern era, it is so easy to get distracted by every new advertisement that – wants to change you into someone else, gadget – that will promise you the world, or quick fix – that won’t live up to their name. We get lost “living” our busy lives, that we loose track of where we came from, our roots. Primal roots that were built on loving relationships, honoring nature, and appreciating simplicity. We were moreContinue Reading >>

8 August 2012
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Upcoming Event: Mindful Eating and Asana

8 August 2012, Comments: 0

To register click here. For more information contact us. As always don’t just take my word for it, try it out for yourself and report back. Post to comments…   ______________________________________________________________________________________ About the author Ritu Riyat MPH|Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor| Yoga Therapist is a San Francisco based Health Counselor promoting universal wellness via Skype consultations, and seminars. Delivering simple techniques to add balance through food, movement, and meditation.  She is an avid cyclist, crossfitter and yogini. Her motto “food is a drug, eat responsibly”… Nutritionize now!