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Spring into Vitality

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30 March 2016, Comments: 0
Spring Poppies Ritu Riyat

photo credit to ritu riyat


The clocks have sprung forward, days are a little brighter, and new green shoots are making an appearance. Spring is inevitable, and like clockwork all of nature responds to the turn of the season. It’s built into their (our) survival blueprint, not responding would be a death sentence.

But what does the turn of the season mean for us humans, is it simply another day on the calendar? As a kid, I remember looking forward to being out of school for spring break. In college, I became connected to the idea of “Spring Cleaning” and spent hours deep cleaning and reorganizing my room. As an adult, and after years of practicing yoga and meditation, the seasons have taken on a whole new meaning for me. I became extremely curious about what my furry and non furry nature friends did during each season, and wondered how I could mimic nature, energetically.

Spring is a time of rebirth, growth, and change. We step out of hibernation, rub our eyes, shed our winter coat, and take on the world.

In short, spring is the time of active energy. Going against this energy by staying stagnant may feel uncomfortable and even make you sick. It’s important to be in sync with this new season and feel supported by it.

We hear a lot about eating in season but what about the other aspects of our well being… moving and mindset? By eating, moving and meditating in season we can unleash untapped energy and live life optimally.

How? Here’s are 3 ways to spring into vitality this season with food, movement, and meditation.

1. Eat in Season
This comes as no surprise as we’ve been hearing for years now that seasonal is better for us. With climate change and a slew of other factors it’s sometime hard to tell which foods are in season. A good bet is that if you’re eating local then most likely you’re eating in season. We know that in season foods are chalk full of nutrients that your body needs for optimal health. If a food can survive and thrive in your current season then it will support you in thriving as well. I know you eating local and in season isn’t always possible and may limit the foods you have access too.  Everything in moderation right? Aim for 80% of your diet comprised of local, seasonal foods when you can.

2. Move in Season
Movement can mean many things. As I mentioned, spring is a time for active energy. Although gym memberships are a great way to get daily exercise, it limits access to the natural elements. Make it a habit to step outdoors and move your body. Winter energy is slow and stagnant, Spring is about light and expansion. Get yourself a Fitbit or another step tracker and go for a walk. Sign up for a group event like a 5k, bike ride, hike, or yoga outdoors.

3. Mindful in Season
I saved the best for last. Mindset is often overlooked when it comes to well-being, although it’s been getting more attention lately. Focusing the mind on a seasonal mantra or meditation can nourish you from the inside out. Spring is associated with rebirth and growth while also shedding the darkness of the winter. Take time to reflect on what you were hibernating with during the winter months and then shed the layers creating space to allow new green shoots to flourish.  Here’s a spring meditation that you can use to cultivate what you desire this spring.


Shed the winter coat, stretch out the arms and legs, rub the sleep out of your eyes and step into the sunshine… Spring is here! There are many ways to step into spring, as always don’t just take my word for it. Try out my tips and see what works for you.


What are your favorite spring time activities, rituals, traditions? Share in comments…


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