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On This Day: Facebook feature turn reflection tool

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12 May 2017, Comments: 0
Recently, the “on this day” feature of Facebook became available to me, somehow I’m late to the party. It’s been a joy to reflect on moments over the past 2,3,4, and even 8 years and see the growth AND stagnation that has been a part of my journey. Life moves so quickly these days and sometimes it’s easy to overlook all that we have experienced and explored along with how much we have created and cultivated. I like to think of the “On this day” feature as a tool for reflection. It goes well with my philosophy to make technology work for me vs. me work for it.
The image above is from today’s reflection, an image and caption I posted 3 years ago weeks after my grandfather had passed away at a wise age of 97.  He was the epitome of strength, courage, and resilience. I found this quote when looking through a memoir he had written. This quote resonated with me and shifted my perspective. It inspired me to launch what I called Mindful Mondays: weekly inspiration to shift mondays from manic to mindful. 
3 years later and Mindful Mondays have grown, evolved, shifted. It all started with this one quote, inspiration from my grandfather and the wisdom he instilled in us throughout his life and through his words.
Commitments are difficult, life gets in the way of sticking to something we set out to do. So when I committed to creating and sharing weekly words of wisdom every Monday to shift mondays from manic to mindful… I felt my self doubt creep up along with all the “what if’s”… The reality was I didn’t know. I didn’t know if I would stick to it or not, but I knew I had to start that day with this quote… it didn’t matter about the outcome.
Ideas have come and gone over the last 3 years, but mindful mondays have continued. And as with all things in life these weekly words have shifted in their look and feel from images to words. From Mindful Monday to Mindshift Monday to Mindshift Mantra to… Myndshift.
And that’s the beauty of the journey… you never know what it’s going to look in three years. Looking back I couldn’t have imagined this one project looking any other way. #myndshiftmantra
Thanks grandfather, you may not physically be here but your spirit continues to be an inspiration?
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