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Link Love: My Travel Toolkit

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16 September 2017, Comments: 0
Happy Friday peeps!
The past 12 months have been an adventure to say the least. A year ago today I stepped onto a plane and said Bon Voyage to the bay area and Hello to my new nomadic life.
In honor of my travel anniversary, in today’s link love I give a shout out to some of my favorite travel hacks that kept me thriving on and off the beaten path. I’ll add the disclaimer that I’m more of a “fly by the seat of your pants” type of girl so I didn’t plan much, nonetheless these resources were super helpful.
Travel Blogs
There are a lot of travel blogs out there so its important to know what you’re looking when searching for a blog for advice. For me, I was looking for a female travel blog that talked about traveling in style. What can I say, I wanted to look cute for the occasion. Here were my go to girls:
1. Travel Fashion Girl: Head there to get a free travel packing list for your destination

2. The blonde abroad: This girl was my go to guide for Iceland. I actually tried to replicate her exact out fit with the yellow jacket and denim shirt.  Thanks for the tips Kiersten!

Photo Credit: The Blonde Abroad

Me recreating the look

Apps and Facebook Groups
Being a solo traveler can be lonely but it can also be very fulfilling if you open yourself up to new people and experiences. I tapped into facebook networks, friends, and apps to meet my tribe where ever I was. Here a few that were my faves.
3. Girls Love Travel: An amazing group of women who love to travel, I met up some badass adventure seekers along the way
4. TripAdvisor: Okay, it didn’t give me fashion advice but it certainly helped me get around cities and create a wish list of recommendations from people I met along the way.
5. AirBnB: I only stayed in one hotel my entire time away to meet my brother on a business trip. Otherwise it was airbnb, friends, and friends of friends.
I started this post off by saying I wanted to travel in style, having to deal with a few different climates meant packing efficiently and having versatile accessories. I’ll add to this list in due time, my number one favorite accessory was my bag.
 6. Henri Bendel: I came across this brand while searching for a fashion friendly travel bag. The jetsetter bag became my ultimate travel companion. Since then I’ve added a few more pieces to my bendel collection.
 And thats a wrap for this week’s link love!
Until next time, stay mindful my friends.

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