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Shop wisely

With the growing awareness of food safety and health and the shrinking bank accounts from this somewhat stagnant economy, it’s important for the consumer to shop wisely. As a health conscious eater and shopper, I would love to purchase everything organic produce, however my wallet doesn’t quite support those desires. Now that I have finally accepted the importance of organic foods I question whether all food need to be organic. I was sharing my dilemma with a fellow nutritionist and learned that although it is better to eat organic, everything does not HAVE to be organic; there are some wiseContinue Reading >>

Generation “Clean your plate”

A common theme around portion control emerged during my last seminar. The complaints were “I need to learn portion control. I eat everything on my plate”. I got to thinking where did this idea of “clean your plate” come from. I’m sure all of you, as do I, remember being a kid sitting at the dinner table being told something to the effect of “Eat everything on that plate. Don’t waste food, or else. There are starving kids in land X”. I didn’t even know where these other countries were at the time and I definitely didn’t want to findContinue Reading >>

Seaweed Chips

Sooooo good, even kids like it. Featured in the picture above is Niko, who is happily enjoying Seaweed chips, a nutritious alternative to your traditional lays potato chips or Doritos. They can be found at Trader Joes and are low in sodium, carbs, and preservatives! Nutrition is more than just an individual lifestyle, of course it may start there but we do not live in a box. Most of our time is spent interacting with others at home and at work. Of all the social activities, eating is high on the popular list, it’s fun and yummy! Remember as youContinue Reading >>

Silent Killer: Cholesterol

We end our Silent killer serious with cholesterol. What is it? Where does it come from? What does it do? Having high cholesterol is all too common these days and when paired with high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar levels it can lead to trouble. It’s also become a common buzz word and marketing ploy to give foods a “good” and “bad” rep. Cholesterol plays a vital role in every cell’s membrane and in our blood plasma. Its jobs include insulating neurons, building and maintaining cellular walls, metabolizing fat soluble vitamins, producing bile, and acting as a catalyst forContinue Reading >>

Traveling and Paleo – an oxymoron?

(Me and the majestic Thai crossfitter) Hello Nutritionizers! I apologize for the disappearing act, I spent the last month in Thailand and Taiwan and was hoping to blog from there but internet was hard to find on the beach. I and my taste buds had a great time trying local foods, exploring the Asian culture, and staying as Paleo as possible from head to toe (the Vibrams were a success!) You may ask “WHY? You are on vacation, eat and be merry”. This was the common response I got from my fellow travelers as well. But nutrition is a lifestyleContinue Reading >>

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