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“Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” We started Nutritionize almost 6 months ago and it’s amazing to know that what we say and do makes a difference! As we reiterate throughout the blog posts, nutrition is the key to success and it is available to anyone and everyone! We love what we do and it is always inspiring to hear success stories. Here is an email I received the other day. I’ve been meaning to write this emailContinue Reading >>

14 Ways to Save Money Being Paleo

Crossfit Reno posted this a few weeks ago and I think we can all benefit from the advice. Times can be hard but it doesn’t mean that our nutrition needs to suffer. A few reasons to go Paleo.   1. HUNT, FISH, or FORGE – Reconnect with your caveman roots and get your food straight from the source. Or, if that’s not really you – ask your friends there are lots of hunters here in Nevada, you never know one of them might take you out show you how, or let you have some of their catch – but be prepared toContinue Reading >>

Flight or Fight

Recall driving in traffic trying to stay calm and focused when a car cuts you off and you slam your brakes. You sigh with the relief of avoiding an accident but your body doesn’t know that. This is known as the flight or fight syndrome or stress response. The cavemen often found themselves in situations where they were face to face with animals twice their size and they had the option to run or attack back. Either action requires intense muscular function which is supported by the physiological response of increased heart and lung action and hormonal responses which triggerContinue Reading >>

Guest Post: Let’s Make Nutrition Simple, by Dr. Joe Kosterich

Our first guest blog post! Dr. Joe is a doctor based in Australia that we’ve been keeping in touch with for a while via Twitter. His philosophy is very similar to ours, and he has a great website called Do It Yourself Health. It’s an honor to have you here Joe! Let’s Make Nutrition Simple – By Dr. Joe Kosterich It is quite remarkable that something so basic as what we should eat has become so incredibly complicated. To say that there are contradictory messages out there is an understatement. If one looks at nature, the proverbial lion “in theContinue Reading >>

Lectins: little trouble makers

The following questions were posted to comments the other day: I thought lectin was mostly risky with uncooked beans, but thought canned ones were fine? Also, isn’t lectin present in raw tomatoes? Are string beans considered beans? Lectins also known as “sticky proteins” are just that. Lectins are types of proteins commonly found in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and seafood, but especially grains, beans and seeds. They are present in about 30 percent of the American diet and about 5% of the lectins we eat will enter our circulation. Lectins provide the way for one molecule to stick toContinue Reading >>

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