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Which fish oil is the right one?

I recently received a great question on fish oil: How many grams I should have of fish oil? 2-4grams is recommended, but how do you look it up on the label? There’s “fish oil” grams, there’s “epa” grams, dha “grams” etc. Let me know! Fish oil is the only supplement endorsed by the CrossFit community to truly improve performance. We did an extensive post on the benefits of fish oil and also how to test your fish oil for quality. When you go to the store to look at different brands, focus on the amount of EPA/DHA Omega3 fatty acidsContinue Reading >>

Food for thought

Nutrition is nourishment and we often emphasize the importance of it when it comes to the body, but what about our mind and our surroundings and everything we expose ourselves to? How we feed our brains and souls is just as important as how we feed our bodies and together will result in improved quality of life and improved performance. Have you ever noticed your performance, on inadequate sleep or after a stressful or emotionally draining day… chances are your performance suffered. Our bodies are not machines but they sure do a great job enduring a lot of shit, howeverContinue Reading >>

“Carbs are not required for nutrition”

We love attending nutrition seminars because we always learn something new. This past Sunday, Mark Sisson gave a free lecture on the principles outlined in his book The Primal BluePrint. His approach is very Paleo, and he mentioned a key nutrition fact that I hadn’t heard before: There is no requirement for carbohydrates in nutrition, in fact, if you are eating only proteins and fats, your body will make up to 200 grams of carbs a day. This goes back to the evolutionary history of our ancestors. Studies of various indigenous people show they had little to no carbs inContinue Reading >>

Fasting (Part 2)

I had some great response to the Fasting post and lots of eager comments for part 2… here it is. Just to recap, we came to the conclusion in Part 1 that moderate fasting (when done appropriately) can be extremely beneficial to the body, mind, performance, and overall health. There are many types and styles of fasting ranging from the Hollywood, drink this gross green gunk for 10 days, version to eat nothing for 10 days. As I mentioned earlier, moderation and appropriateness is what we are striving for. Our Paleolithic ancestors did not plan fasts; instead they happened naturallyContinue Reading >>

The Journey Back from Gluttony

Yesterday was my official comeback from last week’s reckless abandon of eating. Blowing Thanksgiving dinner was part of the plan. However, what WASN’T part of the plan was blowing it all weekend like there’s no tomorrow. In addition, I didn’t hit a single WOD or play soccer all weekend. I literally sat around and ate whatever I wanted. By Sunday, I’m walking around with what feels like a brick in my stomach, and I swear my belly gained an inch. To top it off, I’m lying on the couch, and my 3 yr. old daughter comes over, pokes my tummyContinue Reading >>

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