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Mindshift Monday: Challenge Yourself, Take A Risk

Welcome to another Monday, are you ready to make shift happen?  Monday’s have gotten a bad rap in our modern society, associated with depression, anxiety and melancholy. It’s been used in phrases like: Monday Blues, Manic Monday, Ugh it’s Monday, I got a case of the Mondays… However, our ancestors honored Mondays as it was see as Moon-day, a day that many cultures revered as auspicious and often fasted on this day. Rather than outsourcing your Monday to modern melancholy, take it back and make it matter. Every Monday you’ll find a new dose of inspiration (mantra) here as wellContinue Reading >>

Eat: The food beyond food

  Monthly Experiment Update: I’m slowly catching up from the 3 day setback that occurred over the weekend. In yesterday’s post I shared that sticking to anything daily require making that thing a priority, meaning other things become less of a priority so what happened this weekend? The one thing that I would prioritize over most other things is sleep, I’ve learned through years of procrastination and being a night owl that I do not function well when I’m sleep deprived… my diet, exercise, and productivity along with my emotional wellbeing all suffer. So, I opt to get my 8Continue Reading >>

Bon Voyage: Traveling with Your Inner GPS

  A photo posted by Ritu Riyat (@eatmovemeditate) on Oct 24, 2016 at 5:23am PDT It’s been 6 weeks since I hopped on a plane to travel in flow which has now lead me to a small co-working space in Gracia, Barcelona where I’m writing from.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a plan… still don’t. And hat has been the beauty of these last 6 weeks, experiencing each day fully present moment to moment being guided not by trip advisor or top 10 things to see lists or even the “must do’s” but instead by my inner GPS. Don’tContinue Reading >>

Natural “Magic Pill” for Stress Relief

Last week I shared with how to create flow in your life, I hope you spent a couple minutes implementing some of the practices I introduced and are enjoying a bit more flow in your life. Remember consistency is key.If you’re struggling to stay consistent with your practices then I invite you to investigate what is getting in the way. Is it your… Work? Kids? Spouse? Family? Friends? You may be nodding your head “yes” to one or all of these, unfortunately it’s none of those things. It’s you. Yup, you are getting in your own way. And you haveContinue Reading >>

Mindful Monday: Cleansing the mind and body

It’s a powerful Monday with full moon and soland therefore seemed appropriate to be extreme.

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