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Align with Autumn

  Summer has officially come to an end with the Autumn Equinox marking the first day of Autumn. Last night I threw on an extra blanket and turned off the fan. It’s hard to believe that just a couple weeks ago we were melting in triple digit heat here in the SF bay area. It’s been an adventurous and exciting summer, and unless you plan to chase the sunshine and fly south … it’s time to shift into Autumn. What is the Autumn (fall) equinox? The equinox literally represents the sun being in line with the Earth’s equator. On thisContinue Reading >>

Spring into Vitality

Spring Poppies Ritu Riyat

  The clocks have sprung forward, days are a little brighter, and new green shoots are making an appearance. Spring is inevitable, and like clockwork all of nature responds to the turn of the season. It’s built into their (our) survival blueprint, not responding would be a death sentence. But what does the turn of the season mean for us humans, is it simply another day on the calendar? As a kid, I remember looking forward to being out of school for spring break. In college, I became connected to the idea of “Spring Cleaning” and spent hours deep cleaningContinue Reading >>

Spring cleaning and stress detox

  I’m a little excited that Spring is officially here. Today (March 20th) marks the first day of Spring, it’s also the International Day of Happiness. and to top it off it’s Friday. TGIF!!! It’s no coincidence that the first day of spring shares it’s date with the International Day of Happiness, Spring marks the beginning of longer days and shorter nights which means more sunlight. And with light comes activity.Have you noticed that all of nature has an extra pep in its step as of late? The trees are blooming, creatures are coming out of hibernation and humans are sheddingContinue Reading >>

5 ways to give presence

Still looking for that perfect gift for that perfect someone? You’re in luck! I have the perfect gifts for you to give, your time and presence. They are priceless. As we ramp up to the biggest gift giving day of the year I can’t but help but notice the chitter chatter around me. It’s not all love and laughter, more often than not I hear people say how stressed out and busy they are around this time of the year followed by “And I still need to do my christmas shopping!”. Growing up, I looked forward to decorating the christmas tree, eating deliciousContinue Reading >>

How to harmonize with the Winter Solstice – Instructions included!

Following suit of nature, animals will shed excess weight in the light and start afresh and so can we. As we move through tonight’s darkness and into tomorrows light it is an opportunity to shed, let go, forgive, and release all the burdens of this past year and step into the light… feeling a little lighter.