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1 October 2017
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Live Full Out the Last 90 Days of 2017

1 October 2017, Comments: 0

Hello from Ibiza, Spain! I arrived here yesterday and still fighting a bit of jet lag, but the island energy is taking care of me. I’m here for a Yoga training with 2 of my favorite teachers who have inspired me for over a decade. The training is on the theme of the elements, it couldn’t be more perfect given that we just shifted into Autumn. I’m excited to explore the body, mind, and yoga through the lens of the 5 elements. We started today with the Earth element, the ground beneath us, the flesh and bones within us, and theContinue Reading >>

28 March 2017
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How to be a high performer

28 March 2017, Comments: 0

After 2 weeks of what seemed like living out of my car, I’m back home in the beautiful bay area. It’s feels good to be back home and have some downtime. The last couple of weeks were truly transformational on so many levels. If you follow me on social media you may have seen that I was down in Southern California spending time with one of my mentors Brendon Burchard and learning some powerful tools to be a high performer. Over the course of 4 days Brendon dropped so many knowledge bombs that my brain was exploding… not because heContinue Reading >>