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Defining movement: What does it mean to move?

What does it mean to move

  I’m back for day 2 of my monthly experiment: blog every single day. I’m diving right into the writing topic schedule with Wednesday’s category Move. I don’t know what this category will develop into but my intention is to share experiences with various movement styles. But before delving into that,  first we have to define what movement means. Movement has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, partially because I was always a curious kid and followed my curiosity into cabinets, under tables and into dresser drawers… I clearly also always enjoyed myContinue Reading >>

Wine and Unwind: Yoga at the winery

  Yes, you read it correctly… my worlds of wine and yoga are finally colliding! I’m teaching a 60 minute yoga class at an amazing new winery I recently discovered nestled in the Milpitas hills. If you’re not in the bay area this weekend, don’t fret, I have a feeling this will not be my last wine and yoga adventure. If you’re interested in attending tomorrow (Saturday August 20th) you can read more and rsvp here, feel free to invite your wine and/or yoga loving friends! Why wine and yoga? Tasting wine is all about the subtle nuances of flavor profiles. A clearContinue Reading >>

Life is like riding a bicycle

If you’ve ever been on a bicycle this quote kinda sounds like a no brainer, if you stop pedaling you WILL fall. But it also holds true once you step off of the bike and into any other aspect of your life. Whether you call it balance, passion, grit or hustle… it is fueled by your commitment to keep on moving once YOU stop… it slows down and potentially even stops. But once you stick with it and keep moving it picks up momentum and before you know it you are coasting at 40+ mph enjoying the ride…and once youContinue Reading >>


[I wrote this post back in 2012 and never published it. Stumbled upon it in my draft folder and thought I would put it out there. Years later and I’m still practicing this recipe for success] Every now and then I get caught up in work craziness, workout madness, or just good the good ol life roller coasters… now was one of those times. Although I had been eating well and getting in a bike ride, and a WOD on a daily basis there was something missing. I hadn’t taught a yoga class in 2 weeks and my usual 3Continue Reading >>

Go all in and reach for it

  I’ve decided to go all in…and get back on my bicycle this June to ride 545 miles from SF to LA.It sounds crazy right? It did to me as well when I first heard about this charity ride back in 2005. I was finishing up grad school in LA and working in a population health research lab at the time. I had been actively involved in non profit work for some years and had worked extensively on HIV/AIDS education for young women of color. When my lab partner told me she was riding a bike 545 miles to raise awarenessContinue Reading >>