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Routines can take us off track

    I have a serious question…Are you still interested? Really interested? Are you still interested in making shift happen in your life? Are you still interested in achieving your New Years Resolution’s? Are you still interested in living a life you love? I ask these questions because it’s time for some tough love, and I emphasize the LOVE. We are a quarter into 2016 and it’s about that time that recurring and automatic behaviors take over… aka routine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a routine, in fact routines and rituals are what keep us on track. ButContinue Reading >>

Wisdom 2.0 Recap

It’s my fourth year attending the Wisdom 2.0 conference, since I attended in 2012 I’ve made an effort to experience this conference from a different lens each year.I’ve been an attendee, I’ve been a facilitator in the un-conference at Google, leading a conversation on PLAY in the workplace, and this year I am a volunteer. I spent the opening day, Saturday, supporting the AV team and the speakers in one of the breakout rooms and had the opportunity to hear some inspiring conversations. What I enjoy most about conferences like this one, is the energy created by like minded individuals motivated toContinue Reading >>

5 ways to give presence

Still looking for that perfect gift for that perfect someone? You’re in luck! I have the perfect gifts for you to give, your time and presence. They are priceless. As we ramp up to the biggest gift giving day of the year I can’t but help but notice the chitter chatter around me. It’s not all love and laughter, more often than not I hear people say how stressed out and busy they are around this time of the year followed by “And I still need to do my christmas shopping!”. Growing up, I looked forward to decorating the christmas tree, eating deliciousContinue Reading >>

Bliss Retreat Recap

A couple weeks ago I wrote about spending time with the Redwood trees and breathing with them. It’s not my typical Saturday afternoon activity, although it might become one now. I  actually went to the redwoods for a retreat, but not just any retreat, it was a Business, Brilliance, and Bliss retreat offered by dear friend and coach Tracy Lee Jones. Not only did we have an amazing space we were also surrounded by amazing people. Women from all over the world came to the redwoods with one purpose to co-create something BIG. In the last two years I’ve reallyContinue Reading >>

2013 Game on… It’s time to PLAY!

Welcome to 2013 everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating the holidays and ringing in the New Year. Did you all set your goals for the year? You have until the end of the week to solidify them so take your time and if you need some help read my post on SMART goals. Every year I take some time to get away by myself and reflect on the last 365 days and set an intention for the next 365 days to come. This time of the year has a very special meaning to me where threeContinue Reading >>