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My two guiding principles

  I was consulting with a corporate client this morning, we were discussing strategies to create a more mindful workplace. During our call she asked me what my philosophy and approach was… I paused and noticed my mind time travel back 20 years to the “moment” my life shifted. I honestly don’t believe there ever is a “moment” per se when everything shifts but rather a serious of moments that begin to shift the direction of our life. In hindsight I can see that this “moment” was just one of many in that series. I brought my mind back to the present momentContinue Reading >>

Valentine’s Day Confession

  Hello love. How’s it going? Yesterday was February 14th and many people around the world celebrated “love day” and today… what happened today? Did the love go away? Likely not. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always been a huge fan of Valentine’s day and it had nothing to do with whether I was single or coupled up. I just thought it was another Hallmark holiday. A day where people are “forced” to go out and buy cards, flowers, candy, and if you’re really going for some brownie points maybe a piece of jewelry. Often myContinue Reading >>

What is a traveler’s mindset?

  I’ve been back one week now from months of traveling in Europe and slowly settling into bay area life. I say slowly because I’m trying to hold on or better said adopt the traveler’s mind into my daily life. Which of course begs the question – What is the traveler’s mind? I can’t speak for all travelers, only myself and my mindset. When I decided to pack a bag and set off to travel, I knew only one thing for sure… that I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how I was goingContinue Reading >>

Bon Voyage: Traveling with Your Inner GPS

  A photo posted by Ritu Riyat (@eatmovemeditate) on Oct 24, 2016 at 5:23am PDT It’s been 6 weeks since I hopped on a plane to travel in flow which has now lead me to a small co-working space in Gracia, Barcelona where I’m writing from.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a plan… still don’t. And hat has been the beauty of these last 6 weeks, experiencing each day fully present moment to moment being guided not by trip advisor or top 10 things to see lists or even the “must do’s” but instead by my inner GPS. Don’tContinue Reading >>

The New Frontier of Friendship is Here

  Happy Friday! What a week right? It’s extremely hot here in the Silicon Valley and my brain has been cooking. Luckily the coast isn’t too far away and I was able to cool off for a few hours. Before you head off into a fun filled and joyous weekend I want to invite you to check out this exciting new collaboration I’m involved in called Friendtier. It literally launched today so you’re one of the first people to check it out… V.I.P. baby! A good friend and creative goddess, Lynda Nguyen, is the brain behind this new venture. Her mission: to createContinue Reading >>