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Spring cleaning and stress detox

  I’m a little excited that Spring is officially here. Today (March 20th) marks the first day of Spring, it’s also the International Day of Happiness. and to top it off it’s Friday. TGIF!!! It’s no coincidence that the first day of spring shares it’s date with the International Day of Happiness, Spring marks the beginning of longer days and shorter nights which means more sunlight. And with light comes activity.Have you noticed that all of nature has an extra pep in its step as of late? The trees are blooming, creatures are coming out of hibernation and humans are sheddingContinue Reading >>

Part 2: I have cleansed… now what???

I had a number of people contact me about my spring cleansing process, and many more that thanked me for introducing them to the “Green Smoothie”, who knew that celery, kale, avocado, strawberries, and coconut could taste so good! For those of you just joining in on the site, welcome and here is a recap, I committed myself to a week-long cleanse of green smoothies and I had never felt better (since the last cleanse of course). The thought and feeling of fresh nutrients seeping into the bloodstream and taking the fast lane to my brain is indescribable. I wasContinue Reading >>

Part 1: Spring Cleansing

The clocks have changed, the days are getting longer, and suddenly you find yourself with an urge to clean out the closets and get organized, strange? Not the least bit. You’re mind and body are in tune with nature and the changes taking place all around you. Today marks the Spring Equinox also known as the first day of spring! It is a time of rebirth, and  renewal. Our primal instinct tells us to purge the stagnation from the Winter heaviness and get a little lighter and clearer. Our new age minds tell us to clear out the closets, packContinue Reading >>