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Link Love: SF Culture Summit

I’m fresh off the culture summit in San Francisco, it was my first time attending such a summit and I found the conversations around diversity and wellbeing in the workplace to be a refreshing change to the personal and business development conferences I’ve been attending. Not to mention, I was surrounded by some bad ass change makers, like these lady bosses, and experienced a new kind of co-working at Campsyte, more on that in a future post. What made the Culture summit unique was the topics of discussion, and the questions being explored. Questions like: What is culture? How doContinue Reading >>

Wisdom 2.0: What is wisdom?

In recent years the quest for peace, love, and happiness has grown. I have seen a rise in websites, devices, apps, and studios all focused on increasing peace, love, and happiness. What once used to be seen as “woo woo” ( I still cringe at that overused phrase) is now becoming more and more mainstream. Young companies are recognizing the benefits of a healthy mind and have integrated meditation practices into the workplace with designated meditation rooms, and a mindful corporate culture. In my personal opinion, it’s about time. It’s no secret that the mind is a powerful system andContinue Reading >>

Wisdom 2.0 Recap

It’s my fourth year attending the Wisdom 2.0 conference, since I attended in 2012 I’ve made an effort to experience this conference from a different lens each year.I’ve been an attendee, I’ve been a facilitator in the un-conference at Google, leading a conversation on PLAY in the workplace, and this year I am a volunteer. I spent the opening day, Saturday, supporting the AV team and the speakers in one of the breakout rooms and had the opportunity to hear some inspiring conversations. What I enjoy most about conferences like this one, is the energy created by like minded individuals motivated toContinue Reading >>