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Life is like riding a bicycle

If you’ve ever been on a bicycle this quote kinda sounds like a no brainer, if you stop pedaling you WILL fall. But it also holds true once you step off of the bike and into any other aspect of your life. Whether you call it balance, passion, grit or hustle… it is fueled by your commitment to keep on moving once YOU stop… it slows down and potentially even stops. But once you stick with it and keep moving it picks up momentum and before you know it you are coasting at 40+ mph enjoying the ride…and once youContinue Reading >>


  I did it! I finished my 5th AIDS LifeCycle Ride and it was hard as hell! Not only did I suffer physically from lack of training but I was challenged emotionally and spiritually everyday. Before getting on the ride I gave myself permission to stop if I ever needed to, without judgement. I’m competitive by nature but have begun to really cultivate self compassion after being introduced to the idea over the last few months. So I figured this was the perfect time to practice some of this self compassion. But I had to be brutally honest and mindfulContinue Reading >>

Go all in and reach for it

  I’ve decided to go all in…and get back on my bicycle this June to ride 545 miles from SF to LA.It sounds crazy right? It did to me as well when I first heard about this charity ride back in 2005. I was finishing up grad school in LA and working in a population health research lab at the time. I had been actively involved in non profit work for some years and had worked extensively on HIV/AIDS education for young women of color. When my lab partner told me she was riding a bike 545 miles to raise awarenessContinue Reading >>

10 things I learned from David Moreno

I had the opportunity to spend time and learn from expert international yoga teacher and cyclist David Moreno. David was teaching a workshop titled “Yoga for Cyclists”, my two loves taught together, sign me up!  You might be wondering how the two even go together; yoga belongs on the mat and cycling on the Tour de France. The beauty of Yoga is that it is EVERYWHERE and the practice truly comes alive when you take it off the mat and into the world.  I can attest to that as I often credit my yoga practice to getting me through 7Continue Reading >>

Ride On!

6 months of training, endless hours in silence, and umpteenth lessons later… it’s here… the AIDS ride… 7 days, 545 miles, in an effort to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS. A disease that is now being categorized as “chronic” with the rate of new infections and related deaths stabilizing and slowly declining, still appx 34 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS, not to mention those that are not accounted for. Awareness and education is as important now as it was in the 90‘s. Tomorrow I’ll be riding out of the cow palace with thousands of others riders and roadies toContinue Reading >>