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Bon Voyage: Traveling with Your Inner GPS

24 October 2016, Comments: 0


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It’s been 6 weeks since I hopped on a plane to travel in flow which has now lead me to a small co-working space in Gracia, Barcelona where I’m writing from.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a plan… still don’t. And hat has been the beauty of these last 6 weeks, experiencing each day fully present moment to moment being guided not by trip advisor or top 10 things to see lists or even the “must do’s” but instead by my inner GPS. Don’t get me wrong, I love Google Maps and it’s been a lifesaver to physically take me from point A to point B but it’s not the best at telling you WHAT point A and B are… that comes from within.

I started this journey with a desire to reconnect with me, my inner voice, and my intuition. To listen to what feels right and act upon it without fear but rather trust of the unknown. After 5 years of living in a lovely apartment in San Francisco and working at what started as my dream job… I found myself feeling uncomfortable in the comfort. 5 years had passed in what felt like a blink of the eye…

After leaving corporate, and moving out of SF I thought, I would finally have the time to do what I really wanted to do… except I didn’t want to DO anything. I didn’t want to plan out the next day let alone the next 6 months. In the last 6 weeks traveling, I’ve experienced a balance between pressing on and pressing pause. There is a time and place for both. When we feel into what’s next and are motivated to press on (as I am right now in writing this) then go with the flow… but when it’s not there and you don’t feel like doing something… don’t push on … instead press pause. In that pause magic is happening… it can also be said that the “solutions” are happening and when you’re ready to press on again, it will flow.

I didn’t know exactly where my travels were going to take me or what I would experience and so far in the last 6 weeks of following my inner GPS I’ve experienced some of the most amazing moments:

  • Mystified by the northern lights in Iceland
  • Redefining friendship through travel
  • Dancing with the ancient stones of Stonehenge on the Autumn Equinox
  • Celebrating a strangers 40th birthday in London
  • Being invited to a Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza that blew my mind open and inspired me to see the interconnection between yoga asanas, organs, meridians and mental, emotional, physical states of our being
  • Celebrating Navratri with kirtan by the sea in Ibiza
  • Exploring Barcelona from the inside out
  • Being hosted by a fellow afester in Barcelona and feeling at home
  • The list goes on and on but these are just a few of the highs that have emerged from the unknown in just a short 6 weeks.

Of course with highs come lows and there have been many of those as well sprinkled throughout. Traveling solo followed by deep inner work through yoga brings up a lot of discomfort. It’s easy to run towards your security blanket… in my case to get on a plane and head home. Being with the tension of discomfort is hard, the pressure in needed though to catalyze transformation seen as new possibilities.

I’ll end with this disclaimer: Discomfort doesn’t require leaving the country, it appears multiple times in a day. Our natural reaction is to get rid of it as soon as possible either through distraction or disappointment. Transformation happens from the inside out, become aware of the discomfort without trying to change it …. be with it longer than you think you and see what naturally shifts.

Enjoy the flow and make shift happen.

As always don’t take my word for it, go out there and experiment in the laboratory of your body and report back. What shifted for you? Post in comments….



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