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17 February 2010
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Lean Protein JACKPOT!

17 February 2010, Comments: 0

This here is a picture of a gem in the rough. This past weekend, we ordered Indian food from Tandoori-N-Curry in Milpitas for the first time. We discovered that they’ll cook up a lean, succulent Tandoori chicken breast (and wing) for only $4! If you’re in need of some lean protein and don’t have time, this is an awesome alternative. Their vegetable dishes are high quality as well. If this place is far from you, check if your local indian restaruants will give you “Chicken Tikka” without the sauce. Here’s what I ate yesterday: Breakfast: Two slices of turkey breast,Continue Reading >>

15 February 2010
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Introducing Theo Paat

15 February 2010, Comments: 3

Hi readers, I am excited to introduce a new contributor to the Nutritionize blog, Theo Paat from Crossfit Santa Clara. Theo is a fellow crossfitter and nutrition enthusiast and after experiencing the extreme benefits of Paleo, Zone, and Zoleo he ventured off to get certified. Let’s give him a warm welcome. Here is his story…   My name is Theo Paat and I’m your typical 9 to 5’ver by day and wannabe Crossfitter athlete by night and did I mention I’m excited about the Paleo Lifestyle. There I said it, and you read it. I am excited about Paleo!  Continue Reading >>

12 February 2010
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Healthy Fast Food, CF Palo Alto and Vitamin D…

12 February 2010, Comments: 4

Here’s what you will be seeing next in the fast food industry.   I had the opportunity to visit Tim Dymmel over at Crossfit Palo Alto yesterday. He has a pretty cool box going on and offered me some great pointers on pull ups and front squats; my arch nemesis’s when it comes to crossfit movements. After the wod I spent some time chatting with him and I asked him a bit about his Nutrition Lifestyle. I can quote him on this “Proper Nutrition is what keeps me running throughout the day because I don’t get much sleep and amContinue Reading >>

5 February 2010
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Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too

5 February 2010, Comments: 1

These little guys are not Paleo but they ARE egg, gluten, nut, and dairy free which makes them a nice cheat cupcake especially if you are highly allergic. I tried out the red velvet ones a few weeks ago and surprisingly they were not too bad. It certainly was not a cupcake from Sprinkles BUT a nice alternative if you want to your feed your craving without killing your digestive track. What makes them even better is they are home baked out of MILPITAS! The executive pastry chef Amanda Macdessi founded this allergy friendly patisserie after her husband was diagnosedContinue Reading >>

2 February 2010
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AJ’s Blood Work, suprising results!

2 February 2010, Comments: 5

Getting your blood work done is the best way to measure how the food you eat affects your body. I get mine done every time I go in for a checkup, so far it’s been 3 times J. What’s really cool however is that my doctor puts the results online so I can graph the progress. Check if your doctor can do this, it’s really cool. The graph shows my results done in Feb 2005, August, 2009, and January 2010. My results showed good news, and some not so good. In August, my blood work indicated that my HDL levelsContinue Reading >>

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