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23 April 2010
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Protein withdrawals

23 April 2010, Comments: 3

It’s been about 5 days since I have had no protein in my diet, I know you all are shaking your head and wondering what the hell is wrong with me… trust me I am doing the same. As a yoga instructor, crossfitter, avid runner, and nutrition fanatic, I strive for balance. And sometimes the scale tips to one side or the other. I took on a cleanse challenge to support my yoga students in their journey, I definitely think it is a huge learning experience when eliminating foods from your diet and then reintegrating. It allows you to betterContinue Reading >>

21 April 2010
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7 Tips to get your family to Nutritionize with you!

21 April 2010, Comments: 4

When you walk out of a CrossFit Nutrition seminar, you usually feel empowered and excited to take on healthy living. When you get home however, you are hit with the WALL of a changed reality. You open the pantry, and see nothing but gluten-based products. In the fridge you notice that nearly every beverage is full of liquid sugar, and the 2 month old pack of Bologna is the closest thing to a lean protein you can see, and nothing is green. The cupboard is stacked with processed foods, high in sugar, high in saturated fat, and where the heckContinue Reading >>

20 April 2010
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CrossFit Nutrition Bloggers E-mail List

20 April 2010, Comments: Comments Off on CrossFit Nutrition Bloggers E-mail List

Overview As CrossFit continues to expand across the globe, so does the nutrition community that supports it.  Almost every CrossFit box we come across has started nutrition programs, run paleo contests, and/or offer nutrition consulting services to support their members. This community of enthusiasts are known as “CrossFit Nutrition Specialists”.  CrossFit Nutrition Bloggers is our home and information hub where we can support each other to empower and enable the members of our local Crossfit communities to live healthy and perform optimally. This is a place where we can collaborate, share ideas, best practices and freely communicate.. CrossFit Nutrtition BloggersContinue Reading >>

19 April 2010
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Spring Cleaning

19 April 2010, Comments: 1

Today marks day 1 of my 14 day power cleanse. Once a year I take a couple of weeks to simplify my foods and get reconnected with my body and reap the benefits of feeling great!!! My performance will probably suffera little along with my social life but the break will be good. We put a lot of junk into our body and force our liver, kidneys, and digestive system to flush it all out, and for the most part they do. Doing a short term cleanse is a good way to reduce systemic inflammation triggered by your existing foodsContinue Reading >>

16 April 2010
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Strong Girls

16 April 2010, Comments: 4

CFU highlighted a common complaint in their post the other day that I want to repost and expand on here, because it is THAT important. Jenna is one strong gal! To all the ladies out there ask yourself if Jenna is stronger than you. You probably said yes. Now ask youself if Jenna is bigger than you. You probably said no. Now guess how she got so strong. Hopefully you said by lifting very very heavy weights and if you did you would be right. Why am I bringing this up? I keep hearing ladies say “I know my body and if IContinue Reading >>

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